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Fishing licenses - fishing fees

From 1.1.2016 fishers aged 18–64 years have to pay a fishing management fee, except for angling with a hook and line, ice-fishing, and herring fishing with a rig, which are free of charge.

The fishing management fee entitles you to lure fishing using one rod, reel and lure in the whole of Finland, except Åland islands or areas where fishing is prohibited.
For other fishing methods and for fishing with more than one rod 18-64 year old fishers need to pay the fishing management fee as well as have permission by the water owner.

The fishing management fee is 47 euros for 1 year, 16 euros for 7 days and 6 euros for 1 day..

The fishing management fee can be paid in three different ways:

  - Webshop eraluvat.fi - webshop in finnish - available also in english in spring 2016
  - Call service number +358 20 692424 (weekdays 8 - 16)
  - Service desk at Metsahallitus' Nature Center as well as R-Kioski's news stands

License to fish with
two fishing nets in Aamunkoi own water area + two fishing nets can be acquired from cottage owners only, 20,00 €/week.

Fisheries must comply with the general and Inari fishing rules and minimum landing sizes for fish.


More info at eraluvat.fi web pages. 

Wild North hunting areas in the neighbourhood. Cabin owners' own land (60ha) available by mutual pre-agreement for limited hunting or dog exercise.




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